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Intertech Security

Vigilant security solutions, so you can keep an eye on the bottom line

Most financial institutions, especially retail banks, operate multiple offices in diverse locations. The challenge is to provide cost-effective security that can protect employees and customers from robbery during business hours, reduce the risk of theft of information and assets, and protect the property from vandalism.

Intertech Security is a leader in networked video surveillance systems that provide the most advanced computing, storage and networking technology as well as integration with other security systems such as intrusion, access control and fire alarms. We also offer 24 x 7 monitoring service from our UL approved, CSAA certified Global Security Operations Center. With networked video surveillance you can reduce your operational costs with centralized command and monitoring, redundancy of control sites, a standardized platform for ease of maintenance, and by using existing cabling. Intertech provides vigilant security solutions, so you can keep an eye on the bottom line.

Intertech Security Financial Solutions include:

  • Video Monitoring Systems
  • Access Control and Badging
  • Burglary Alarms and Fire Alarms
  • Intrusion and Perimeter Protection
  • Intercoms and Overhead Paging
  • Emergency Notification Systems
  • Locks and Door Hardware
  • Personal Alarms
  • Positioning and Tracking Systems
  • Security Portals
  • Consoles and Cabinetry
  • Entry Gates
  • Automatic Turnstiles and Bollards
  • Monitoring Services
Solutions for:
  • Corporate Offices
  • Operation Centers
  • Data Centers
  • Retail Bank Locations
  • Wealth Management Offices

A Single Source to Bank On

When a mortgage lender and loan processing company needed to protect its people and assets in 13 floors of office space, Intertech Security was their integrator of choice.. Intertech provided a single source of design, installation, end-user training and ongoing maintenance for an expansive video surveillance system.